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Drop me an email for coins and number requests


The Coins are instock and ready to go. I'll take money orders and checks (I'll hold checks until they clear, ~10 days). The price per coin is $6.00 ea

I had to take the database of coin numbers off the site for several reasons, one for security, and the second was it was getting really hard to keep up with the numbers from my local buyers and the bulk shipped orders would never match correctly after being delivered and handed out. I have most of the numbers and original people who paid for the coins on file.


I've decided to charge a flat rate priority mail fee of $4.60 for any number of coins. If you want to just use 1st Class because your only ordering a couple, thats fine with me. Insurance is extra, click here for prices. All these prices are to a US address or APO/FPO and I'll work with the other addresses on a one-on-one basis, but it shouldn't be much more if any.

Here is the address for payments:
TSgt James Stewart
Attn: Hydro Coins
881 Hidden C Farm Rd
Bessimer, AL 35023

The Coin is contructed as follows:

Die Struck (they beat it into shape) and Nickel plated and polished 1.75" diameter.

I selected polished Nickel because almost all our parts are chrome plated or polished something. Plus, it just looks kick ass!

The rim is 4mm thick, and the 3D portion at the maintenance badge is ~ 6mm (it will spin on the badge). It's a nice'n heavy coin! When you knock with this, you may dent the bar. Use at your own risk! Refer to the Rules above!

On the back the red portion symbolizes hydraulic fluid and is coated in Imitation Cloisonne.

The black ring surrounding the red symbolizes a Packing, maybe one of the backshop guys could get me a part number that matches...

The Wrench and actuator rod are polished Nickel

All the coins are factory numbered, and NO number will be repeated!

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