A little note about me

I thought about my page and all the stuff with the coin and crap, but I never even thought about saying anything about me. I got a couple emails from people asking about me, where I've been, where I'm from and stuff like that, so I figured until Vincent from Bubblechaser.com gets the site all together this will do.

I was born in Temple, Texas in 1974, I graduated from Temple High School, and attended college at the College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO in 1992/1993, and University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, Texas during 1993. In 1994 I attended BMTS.

My first duty assignment was McChord AFB, Washington where I worked the C-141B. I worked just about every position a Hydraulic Specialist from Backshop to Flightline with Iso dock in between. I had a blast there and I don't know of anyone who could say McChord was a bad assignment.

Next I went to Eielson AFB, Alaska just south of Fairbanks. I worked backshop F-16 and A/AO-10 hydraulics. Not a great assignment for me as far as the military goes, I had a blast Off-Duty. We rode Snowmachines (snowmobiles) as much as we could. I met alot of good people and some... well...

From Alaska I got Andrews AFB... ohhh crap... There was 7 choices for OS returnee and I put 6 on my list. Guess what the 7th was... Man was I in trouble, everyone told me what a bad place DC was and that people were jumping the fence stealing from onbase housing, shootings and rapes. Not good! I tried to put all that out of my mind as much as I could and take the assignment without prejudice. I spent 3 and a half years there and it was the best assignment yet! I would love to go back, and would pay to do it if I had the oppritunity. I worked the UH-1N (Huey) for the 1st Heli, and moved to the 89th AGS where I worked the C-32A (757), C-9C, C-20B (G3), C-20H (G4), C-37A (G5), and on occation the C-20C. The 89th and the 1st both underwent a A-76 process which is basically privitization (civilians try to do what we did).

Off we went to Oklahoma, Tinker AFB to be exact, 552AMXS. I worked the E-3B/C AWACS flightline for the White AMU. I had a chance to go TDY to alot of cool and not so cool places while at Tinker. We followed the President to all the APEC summits all over the Pacific, that was cool. At the end of my tenure at Tinker I filled an expeditor spot, and had a chance to see work of a lot of good people. But it was time to move on.

I applied for and was hired for the Presidential program back at Andrews. So back to Andrews we go. More to come in the future...

Thats me! If I think of anything else I'll add it...

I think it is only fair of me to share with each of you the rest of this story. Please know that nothing for coin orders has changed.

We (Jim's wife and 2 kids) moved to Andrews in August of 2007 where Jim worked on Air Force One. Jim was honored to have been selected for this prestigious position. It was his crowning achievement to his military carreer. He worked so hard to get here and even harder once he arrived. In February of 2008 Jim was involved in a car accident that took his life after a fight that lasted very near a month. Jim fought until he had no more fight to give. If you are interested in more details you can go to our main page (www.trawets.com) and go to the Caring Bridge link. All of his family including myself are honored to have known Jim for so long and to have shared so much with him.