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Boxer Rescue

The new LowFat bike is on the road... Notice I didn't say improved? It isn't that it's not comfortable, or reliable. It has so many things that can go so wrong. Air Ride, it doesn't have a kickstand, so when its parked its on the ground. So, what happens when the air goes out on the road, or something fails, like a valve or hose? IT GOES TO THE GROUND! Another thing is the electrical... Its got so much crap for the suspension, plus 2 headlights, all with the starting power of a V-rod battery, which isn't very big!

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The Boyz

Lets see if I can keep up to date for a while. Drew is now 9 and is all ready to be 10. He is enjoying 4th grade and likes his teacher a lot. She seems to be really good with him. We are looking forward to our winter break and the traveling that we get to do together.

Ty is 6 now and once again is still keeping up with his brother. He is doing well in school and is a social butterfly as many of you know.

I have to start planning for our next camping trip. The last few that they had were very memorable and they look forward to each one. They both love to be wild and free.